Our Services

ZeroDrivers has been providing professional personal drivers, ‘dial-a-driver’ or chauffeur services for over 17 years. We’ve always been about providing our customers with alternative transport options and so it makes sense now that state governments have relaxed legislation covering personal taxis – that we meet your changing needs and offer you ‘rideshare’ or personal taxis too!

Each of our handpicked drivers carries a fully endorsed license, has had criminal and driving history checks and a medical examination.

We even have drivers with commercial licenses to assist when necessary!

Operating Hours

Our drivers and driving teams are all sub-contracted professionals and as such enjoy the opportunity to work the hours that suit them; they appreciate the need to provide reliable and consistent service and most are committed to being there for you when you need them most!

Service Area

We are currently operating in SE Queensland - with plans to grow! Please let us know if you’re keen to see us in your town - just click here and put your postcode in the subject line or let us have a mobile phone number and we’ll let you know when we’ve handpicked drivers close to your neck of the woods!

There’s so many reasons to chose ZeroDrivers!
  • No need to be the party pooper or feel like you’re the fun police by not joining in those spontaneous social occasions
  • And why not enjoy a couple (or more) drinks when you’re out for dinner or at an event but don’t want to leave your car behind - or worse – have to go back for it the next day!
  • You might just need to return a vehicle :- home, to the office, mechanics or service depot ...
  • Are you a Tradie who needs your work horse and ‘tools’ home for the morning – and a clean driving license!
  • Prestige car owner? Sleep better knowing your car baby is home and safely parked in its own garage.
  • Families with small children who need them to be in a suitable safety restraint, and others still who like to take the family dog, the kids bikes and the eskies when visiting friends - you’re our Sunday afternoon staple
  • Automotive companies needing to shuffle vehicles between service centres? – we can help
  • Organisations with fleet vehicles or hire car companies needing to shuffle vehicles between locations – we can help
  • Ever had a ‘RBT” or surprise ‘Court ruling” and you’ve been restricted from driving ‘on the spot?! - we can help
  • Have you ever been stuck and prevented from driving due to the effects of a surgical procedure or day surgery; including some dental, ophthalmic and even cosmetic treatments? ….we can help!
  • Full time ‘Carers’ who are responsible for someone else, but deserve some timeout too! We can definitely help you with $5 off every trip!!
  • People who may be temporarily or permanently disabled and want to enjoy the comfort of their own vehicle and/or independence from friends or family.
  • Responsible employers assisting injured or sick employees to get home without having to arrange for the their car to be picked up later...or for staff invited to ‘socialise’ at work related events - we can help you still have fun and be socially responsible at the same time!

Do yourself a favour and save time later - Download the App now and have your very personal driver at your fingertips!


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