Zero Drivers has been providing private professional designated driver services, personal chauffeurs or 'Dial a Drivers' on the Gold Coast for over 17 years. This great service is part of a growing and emerging new industry and we are always on the lookout for more customer focussed driving teams!

A "Zero Driving Team" means you and your own co-driver. It's important that you and your co-driver enjoy each others company and get along well, so you will need to recruit your own co-driver and work out your own split of the income!

Here's what our drivers have to say about being a Zero Driver:-

  • Its good to still have your days to yourself
  • Although I was made redundant at 62 - I feel like I'm still contributing to society and staying in touch with the community
  • It's good to get out and meet new people  - no two days are the same
  • Its nice to be able to earn extra money and be really appreciated by the customers ...
  • We'd just be watching a lot of TV -  this gets us out of the house and we keep up to date with what's going on around town...
  • I've never had a job before where the customers thank me!
  • I love driving and cars, so I've got the best of both worlds - make money from my favourite hobby!

From our perspective and most important of all – if you have a sense of humour and great customer service skills - we want to hear from you!

We need more driving teams NOW for Brisbane & South Eastern Suburbs as well as Central and Southern Gold Coast areas

Both members of the driving team will need to understand how it works:-

  • A Zero Driving team consists of you and your own co-driver
  • You and your co-driver will use your own vehicle, using your own mobile phone, GPS and Bluetooth device.
  • A ‘Zero Driver’ – must be 25 years or older. Your co-driver need only be suitably qualified and insured to drive your own vehicle...
  • The Zero Driver will need to have a minimum of a clean open C Class driving license with a 'General Services' coded Driver Authorisation. (Obtained through Queensland Transport)
  • Zero Driver teams works on an 'on call' basis from their own home base
  • You commit to what days and hours you want to work
  • Operating hours are Sun – Thurs 3pm – ‘till 11pm and Fri & Sat 3pm  – 12 midnight (sometimes later) 
  • Customers call the 1300 699 376 number - to make a booking 
  • My Zero Driver Pty Ltd allocates the job and dispatches the nearest,  appropriate Zero Driving team
  • The ‘Zero Driver’ proceeds to the 'pickup' point and drives the customer in the customers own vehicle to their destination. Sometimes it will be a vehicle only...
  • The co driver follows and collects the Zero Driver at the destination and the ‘job’ is complete

Become a driver

If you’re looking for additional income, like meeting people, can exercise discretion and show respect for all personality types and cultures, why not give us a call?
Zero Drivers is a customer focused personal service, as a sub-contracted driver you would be driving your own business!
Call now for a chat on 1300 699 376 or complete the adjacent form and we’ll call you!

Talk soon...

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