Be saved from yourself!

Let’s face it – whenever we get together in a social setting, it doesn’t matter whether it’s with friends and family, colleagues or customers, there’s very often alcohol involved
It’s been part of ours and most western cultures for centuries. It’s what we do when we’re relaxing, celebrating or commiserating – we eat and we drink!
Another part of that culture for years on end was our attitude to getting home afterwards …‘I’ll be fine’, ‘I’ve only had a couple’ or I’m only going up the road ‘or scarily ‘I’ll risk it for a biscuit!’; we used to make light of taking huge risks around drinking and driving …and RBT’s

In recent times the culture and the landscape has irreversibly changed. Not only is related legislation tightening across all states – it’s simply not socially accepted anymore to drink then drive!
We couldn’t be happier about that, but at Zero Drivers we’re all about retaining the fun!
We could rabbit on every week with new damming statistics or share the horrendous and terribly sad photos of road accidents… But that’s not who we are, we’re about respecting grownups who can make their own decisions and chose how they have fun and if that includes having a few drinks then we’re here to help!
We’re about offering you another option as to how to get home safely and responsibly…

One thing we need to clear up is: (in the short term anyway) we can’t give you a lift in our car – Sooorrryyy!

Fortunately – there’s a long list of things we CAN do for you tho’!
ZeroDrivers can:-
Save you from having to say ‘No’ to after work drinks … or a spontaneous celebratory drink – ‘cos you’ve got your car!”
Save you from being tempted to drive your own car when you shouldn’t ( ‘cos you said yes to ‘just one more’)
Save you the risk of hurting yourself or someone else (#1 Save in our view)
Save you from damaging your treasured and probably much relied upon 4 wheeled baby
or Save you the fear of wondering if it will still be there & in-tact, when you go back for it tomorrow
Save you from the risk of an expensive fine!
Save your licence! (And possibly an embarrassing and expensive trip to court) and in that case possibly save you from THAT conversation with your boss or partner!
Save you money – much cheaper than a two-way taxi – and yes sometimes even cheaper than Uber on a surge
Save your time…and someone else’s – that you’d have to talk into helping you to pick your car up!

Why not SAVE our number now? 1300699376 and save yourself from yourself – go and have fun!

We drive your car for you ...

We drive your car for you …
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