Zero Drivers - we really are your personal driver. We drive you and your car home!
we drive your car
Personal Drivers We drive your car for you – we don’t ‘rideshare’

Ride sharing (Uber), designated drivers and personal drivers (ZeroDrivers) are terms that seem to cause a lot of confusion – so by way of a refresher we thought we’d revisit our blog from earlier in the year and explain what we – ZeroDrivers  – do and why we’re different to ‘ridesharing’!

Uber has definitely added another and some would say welcome layer to our personal transport options but as with anything new, it can be a little confusing!

We won’t delve into the legality of ridesharing in QLD (you never know – we may well be able to add ride sharing to our services one of these days!) …so we thought we’d accept it’s here to stay and respond to your most frequently asked queries…

What do they do?

Zero Drivers: We are all about driving YOUR CAR for you!
Whether you want to take the kids (with their obligatory car seats) to an event, if you have become unwell or injured or had day surgery, don’t want to drive at night or on the highway but need to move your car, need it taken or picked up from a service or RBT! …and of course if you’ve had a couple of extra drinks and appreciate the convenience of having your car there ready to go on your driveway next morning!
We send a driving team to your location where one of them will drive your car (with or without you in it)
Uber: Responds to your request for a lift or a ‘ride’ by sending a driver using the Uber drivers own car to come and pick you up from your current location.

How does it work?

Zero Drivers: Generally we’ll dispatch a professional driver to you within 30 minutes, but our customers mostly like the confidence that booking ahead brings… they often plan ahead and can book hours, days – even months ahead (And yes for all you tech lovers  – we do have an App on the way!)
Uber: Uses an automated ‘App’ and GPS technology to process your request for the service in real time: i.e. you can’t book ahead.

When can I use it?

Zero Drivers: Whenever you need to get YOUR car home. 365 days a year! Distance is no object and if you book early we can cover late night pickups ‘til 1am …
Uber: Perfect for short / local trips round town or getting home late at night – just like taxis!

How do I pay?

Zero Drivers: Visa, MasterCard or American Express Card are accepted and Corporate & Family accounts are on the increase. We’ll ask your preference when you place your booking and of course cash is always welcome!
Uber: Your phone App is connected to your debit or credit card and charges are calculated depending on what time you travel and what the demand is at the time – then charged direct to your card.

Zero Drivers – we really are your personal driver. We drive you and your car home!

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