We must say that just when we think we’ve seen it all at Zero Drivers, something new always pops up! From broken legs to long queues on both sides of an RBT, we’ve been able to help in many unique situations. For example, recently picking up a customer who had been involved in a minor road accident (their car was actually fine but they felt too shocked to drive home). Then that same week we read an article that totally resonated with our experience, it was about the top five types of car accidents based on AAMI’s latest crash index. Do you think you could guess what they were?

First up were crashes occurring ‘nose to tail’ … we’ve all at least ‘nearly’ done that one! They accounted for 28.3% of customer claims.

The second most popular claims involved dings with parked cars. Yes really! These claims accounted for a whopping 22%.

Third up, were crashes caused by drivers who failed to give way in 19.8% of claims. Ouch!

Claims involving a collision with a stationary object came in fourth at 14.5% and collisions caused while reversing made up the bottom 10.8%.

Do these statistics surprise you?

While it’s often easy to think ‘that will never happen to me’ – it is always better to be safe than sorry. You’ve heard it all before but obviously going by AAIMI’s report, we need a few reminders on how to avoid the drama and cost of a claim.

1. Decrease your speed in high traffic areas and leave a greater gap between you and the car in front of you.

2. Be VERY careful in car parks! Especially when reversing. AAMI reports that parked car dings have increased by almost 10% in the past 15 years.

3. Try not to drive when you’re feeling angry, stressed or tired. Its way too easy to make a mistake when your mind is elsewhere. Avoid making a bad day worse!

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