Your work colleagues and possibly even worse – your partner!

We recently heard a story from a doctor who told us that getting pulled over and subsequently being arrested for “Driving under the Influence” was the single most humiliating moment of his life. Unfortunately the humiliation didn’t end there; having consumed ‘only’ two and a half glasses of red wine over a long lunch, he then had to leave his very ‘notable prestige and personal plated car’ at the side of the road for everyone to see. He then took his first ever trip in a police vehicle to his first ever visit inside a police station and then, as he describes it ‘the most difficult decision of his life so far’ … who to call first? Imagine THAT conversation…who would you call?

The sad part is that this isn’t an isolated occurrence. While we like to think that it will never happen to us, the statistics say otherwise. Did you know that over 30,000 people in a year are arrested for drink/drug driving offences in Queensland?

These numbers include professional people: – doctors, dentists, lawyers, developers, real estate professionals, bankers and finance brokers and just as many of our ‘tradies’:- chippies, brickies, plumbers and electricians.

They share an equal need to maintain a professional reputation AND just as importantly to be able to travel independently – especially between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with flexibility to fit around their customers, clients and project demands, keep their drivers license and possibly even their job!

And none of them thought they would have to have THAT conversation with their boss, colleagues or partner! Want to know who our doctor called first? Read on …

There will always be those situations where ‘just one’ turns into two or three or you feel you need to keep up or break the mood. Corporate entertaining can be unpredictable and sometimes you don’t get the breakthrough you need until late in proceedings or spontaneity kicks in and you want to celebrate a great outcome with the team!

So how can you still be a great host, demonstrate the right ‘posture’ or be spontaneous and the all-round good guy; still get home safe – to your own bed – with your vehicle in the driveway ready for tomorrow and with your license and pride intact

You must know where this is going … why not consider a corporate account with Zero Drivers?

Register all your details once and from then on it’s as simple as letting us know a time and a place – we send you your own personal driver – leaving you to get on with the job at hand, risk and guilt free!

You can set it up as an individual or a business account. You nominate who can use it, we invoice you once a month for our driving services and bingo, you don’t have to limit your entertaining or fun anymore and you’ll never have to consider THAT conversation or who you’d call first!

So who did he call first? ZeroDrivers of course!! We rescued his beloved car from the side of the road for him. Get in contact today and set up an account straight away!

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