‘Ride sharing’, ‘designated drivers’ and ’dry drivers’ are all terms that have been coming up A LOT in 2015. With the introduction of Uber, our personal transport options have been expanded and it can all get a little confusing!  So today, and without delving into the legality of ridesharing in QLD, we thought we’d accept it’s here to stay and try and respond to your most frequently asked questions …

What’s the difference between Uber and Zero Drivers?

Zero Drivers: We drive YOUR vehicle – with or without you in it!

Uber: They use their own private vehicle to give you a lift.

How does it work?

Zero Drivers: You can call or email to book as far ahead as you like or if you don’t know what time you want to travel, we suggest you allow for an average of between 20 – 40 minutes turnaround for a pickup … and yes the Zero Drivers web app is in the pipeline too!

We send a driving team – consisting of two people – the Zero Driver will drive your vehicle and his or her ‘co-driver’ will follow and pick them up at the final destination.

Uber: The first or closet driver to pick up your booking alert responds to you direct and comes in their private car to pick you up …. But you can’t book ahead you have to wait ‘til you’re pretty much ready to go!

When can I use it?

Zero Drivers: Any time you’d rather drive in the comfort of your own car e.g. you might need suitable seatbelt restraints for children or want to be certain of your pickup time. Any time you’ve gone out in your own car and been tempted to have an extra drink – and don’t want to leave your car behind (let alone have to go back another time to pick it up!)

There are simply dozens of situations where you need your car moved and you can’t do it!

Zero Drivers is great for people who like to plan ahead and a great back up for when you ‘get stuck’ with your own car. Many of our customers use us to drive their car home – and get Uber for themselves later!

Uber: Just like taxis – perfect for spontaneous local trips and unexpected situations and especially those late night outings!

How do I pay?

Zero Drivers:  You can still pay in cash!  We also offer corporate accounts for regular and repeat customers. The new ‘app’ will facilitate secure payment using your registered card and until it is launched in the New Year we will continue to manually process credit card payments including MasterCard, Visa and American Express  (with nominal service charges added)

Uber:  No cash payments accepted – your Uber account is directly connected to your debit or credit card and the money is taken out automatically.

We hope that this information has helped answer any of your questions. And if you’re still confused you can see our handy little guide here!

We can’t say it enough – Uber and Zero Drivers are different horses for different courses!

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