‘Shop local’ seems to be an increasingly important message around Christmas time this year so we decided to debunk the main reasons why it’s good to shop from ‘small’ business this holiday season.

Your money helps to support your local economy – Shopping local means that your money stays within your town, instead of going offshore or overseas; contributing to greater prosperity and securing or even increasing job opportunities in your neighbourhood! This is especially important considering some key community concerns such as mature aged unemployment (a cause that we’re particularly passionate about). We love our senior (and not so senior!) driving teams and want to provide as many opportunities for them as possible!

Local knowledge and personalised communication – Whether you’ve walked into a shop, given someone a call or are searching their website, customers love personalised or localised communication. We’re often asked why ZeroDrivers haven’t adopted a ‘call centre’ approach to our business. Our answer: there is nothing personal or unique about a call centre and we don’t want to lose the very important and personal communications we have with our customers! ZeroDrivers on the Gold Coast has been operating for over 15 years and we’re proud of the great rapport we have with so many of our loyal and regular customers, as much as we’ve grown over the past four years it’s still very much a personalised service. And yes whilst we are certainly considering an ‘app’ for those who prefer the tap of a Smartphone to a voice, it seems the statistics are on our side with new research revealing why customers hate call centres!

What do you think? Are you conscious of shopping local this holiday season or do you still prefer old fashioned service? 

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