It’s that time on the Gold Coast when the days are steaming hot and the nights are often flooded with heavy rain (we’ve seen our fair share of it already!) Whilst its good for the gardens, dams and ducks it is not ideal for those of us who want to get out and continue with our social lives, especially now it’s party season! So we thought we’d share some steadfast tips for safer driving when the roads are wet.

Turn your low beam headlights on – Even in light rain, it’s important to turn your headlights on to increase the visibility of your car to other people on the road and to assist your own vision.

Drive in the tracks of the car ahead of you – A great suggestion from the NRMA is to follow another car’s tracks on wet roads to reduce the amount of water between the road and your car tyres. This will decrease the chances of skidding or aquaplaning.

Turn off your cruise control in wet or slippery conditions – A lot of drivers might think that setting their cruise control to keep a safe speed is a good idea when driving in wet or rainy conditions. However countless online articles have discussed the dangerous consequences that this can have on your car including aquaplaning and ‘flying through the air.’ We double checked this with RACQ who say that cruise control shouldn’t be used in the city, heavy traffic, wet or slippery conditions or when braking or slowing down is required to negotiate bends.

Increase the distance between vehicles to at least four seconds – Obviously wet conditions mean that you need more reaction time and keeping a distance is a great way to ensure your safety. Braking in the rain should also be done sooner and more slowly than you would under normal conditions.

Of course if these tips don’t give you the confidence to drive in wet or stormy weather, regardless if you’ve had a drink or not, you can always call us and designate a professional Zero Driver to drive you and your car home!

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