The other day I got caught chatting with a friend about all of the different scenarios that we were faced with at ZeroDrivers. Our most frequent customers are those who enjoy a drink but still have their sensible button working. But the word is getting out about Zero Drivers and the less typical pick up scenarios are ever growing. This conversation led to a list of situation in which Zero Drivers can pick up a car witjout you in it!

See if you can relate to any of these:

1. From an RBT or incident – It happens, we know. In fact we recently heard about an RBT that had to be shut down because there were so many abandoned vehicles after drivers had been arrested and the incoming queue was so backed up it was causing its own traffic hazard! It’s a tricky situation but we can make it a little bit easier on you by picking up your car and returning it home. We’ve even picked up a young lady who was not directly involved in a road accident but had witnessed one and was a little too shaken up to drive. Her mum suggested us!

2. From hospital or day surgery – We recently helped a young man who had hurt his leg at footy and driven himself to hospital to get it checked over only to discover that he had broken two bones in his foot and had no chance of driving himself home! We first moved his car from the car park (who can afford pesky parking fees?) and went back later to take him and the car home. On another occasion we were able to assist a lady who had a routine X-ray lined up which turned into a major exercise requiring her to have an injection rendering her unable to drive. We also regularly pick up from optometrists and dentists where customers have had drops or pain killing injections which prevent them for driving for a few hours. Who wants to wait for a relative to finish work or travel on public transport when they’re feeling under the weather? You just want to get home and that’s where Zero Drivers can help.

3. Party animals – We’ve all done it; we planned to have an early night but then the fun ramps up and before you know it the night is actually young and you don’t want to leave. Unfortunately our drivers need to get their beauty sleep and can’t be there for you until the wee small hours. Rather than worry about leaving the car somewhere overnight and having to go back for it the next day, we can still help you out and get the car home safely while you stay out later and call a taxi or Uber. Does it get much better than that?

So the next time you’re caught in an unusual or sticky situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

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