Uber seems to be the word on everyone’s lips lately, so we thought it was time we clear a few things up. ZeroDrivers was founded on the notion of shaking things up and offering customers an alternative personal transport option. In this way, Uber and ZeroDrivers are very similar. We are both disruptors of the traditional market. However, if you’re feeling a bit confused about the differences between Uber and ZeroDrivers then please read on!

The critical difference is that we drive your car – You go out at your convenience, in the comfort of your own car and we come along when you need us and drive it home for you, with or without you in it! We’re the designated driver or personal chauffeur of your car and don’t take paying passengers in our co-drivers vehicle. Our partner driving teams travel in their own car to meet you at your pickup point, you give your keys to the Zero Driver and he or she drives you and/or your car home. Their co-driver follows and collects them at your destination.

You can plan in advance with ZeroDrivers – Whilst we can often get a driver to you within 30 minutes, you can guarantee priority service by booking ahead. So if you know you’re going out later today, tomorrow, next week or next month, you can book now whilst it’s on your mind! We already have bookings for Christmas Day and New Years Eve! If you book ahead you can also request a lady driver with Zero Drivers. All of our partner Zero Drivers have a Queensland Transport Drivers Authorisation endorsed driving license which means they have had a full check of their driving history, a criminal history check as well as a medical examination to ensure they are in tip top form to drive you and your car!

You can support your local community – Not only is ZeroDrivers a small (and growing) local business but our Zero Driving teams are locals too! They know where to go and what’s what on the Gold Coast and they enjoy finding out what’s trending through their friendly interactions with our customers.

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