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Now offering you personal taxis for booked hire – just like similar ‘rideshare’ companies out there but better AND wholly Australian.

  • Choose either a ZeroDriver to drive YOUR car OR a Personal Taxi Driver for a ride in theirs - from wherever you are to wherever you want to go!
  • Feel safe and let us drive if you are unable to due to illness, injury or medication.
  • Let us move your car, commercial vehicle or trailer from A to B
  • Each of our handpicked drivers carries a fully endorsed license, had has both criminal and driving history checked and undergone a medical examination!



# conditions apply- subject to pre-booking/driver availability


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    WEDS 30/3: 2.15pm For the first time ever - Multiple emergency evacuation centres have been opened across the Gold Coast ...! Due to the treacherous weather conditions predicted for the next 12  - 18 hours, and for the first time since we started operating in 2000 - we won't be able to help Gold …
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    Be saved from yourself! Let’s face it – whenever we get together in a social setting, it doesn’t matter whether it’s with friends and family, colleagues or customers, there’s very often alcohol involved It’s been part of ours and most western cultures for centuries. It’s what we do when we’re …


We have made it easy for you to estimate the cost for your driver with our easy to use service fee estimator.

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